Anti-Trojan function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor exploits both the revolutionary Cloud Security Engine and powerful V10 Antivirus Engine on local device which are presented by Kingsoft Security to defense billions of malicious Trojan viruses program away from your computer.

1. What is Anti-Trojan?

The Trojan virus is program which exploits vulnerability exists on computer to invade target computer and steal files saved on computer. Anti-Trojan function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor supports computer users to scan out suspicious Trojan virus program and; remove and clean such program with permission and acknowledgement of the computer users.

2. Why we need execute scan on Trojan virus and remove such program?

The Trojan virus program threatens computer security seriously and; such program can even drive you suffer the lose of account of online bank, Alipay, Paypal and other personal online payment portal. Meanwhile, there are serious potential risk of losing privacy documents while there were Trojan virus program on computer.

It is really an important thing of preventing malicious Trojan virus program away from your computer. So here, we strongly recommend the computer user executed Anti-Trojan function frequently to keep computer away from threats of malicious Trojan virus program.

3. How to execute Anti-Trojan function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor?

Launch the program window of the Kingsoft PC Doctor and, then click the guidance button of Anti-Trojan to enter the operating window of this function. Then, computer users can select "Quick Scan", "Overall Scan" or "Customize Scan" to check if there were any Trojan program exist on local computer.

After accomplish the operation of scan, if there were suspicious Trojan virus program detected, computer users can select to delete the possible Trojan virus program or, add such program to TrustZone.